From March 22 to June 23 2019 Spring returns Slow, a rich program of events and initiatives for the lovers of the nature, for adults and youngs. Excursions afoot, in bicycle and in boat, you walk to horse, didactic laboratories, driven visits, sporting events and still more, in a territory all to be discovered: from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, and from the coast to the hinterland to the discovery of the Valleys of Argenta, Oasis of Bando, Valleys of Ostellato, up to the territories of Romagna.
Thanks to the important recognition gotten in June 2015 by the Delta of the Po as International Reserve of Biosphere - MAB UNESCO, the area of the Delta of the Po between Veneto and the Emilia-Romagna will be protagonist in a unitary way of the edition of the Slow Pring 2019: initiatives, projects and turned events to the discovery of the all shades of the Delta, discovering its landscapes, scents, sounds and colors.
To unite the natural beauties of the Delta of the Po to the charm of the culture that countersigns these territories has been the objective of the Spring Slow for a long time. You will find therefore runs in which you will have the possibility to know the nature and to close observe in their environment the numerous kinds of birds, of plants and animals that mark the environment of the Delta. At the same time "to open wide" the doors of buildings, monuments, churches, entertaining initiatives of cultural character or to make to discover the small treasures of the area of the Delta almost unknown to the great public.
Many are the possibilities of Slow Excursions from the north of the Park in the Venetian area to Cervia, to the southern border.
Some examples: "Bio-trips in the Delta of the Po" on board of a small gullet with an experienced biologist along the channels and the handles of the Knapsack of Goro and the Po of Volano, to appreciate, relaxedly, the so many natural beauties of the local wetlands.
Going southward you can pass across Comacchio with a visit in the Valleys in canoe, not forgetting the Pink Flamingos that will be possible to observe on board of a small train in the suggestive environment of the Salt pan, or on a small bus that will accompany you along the banks of the South Valleys.
Then, after a standstill to "Valle Campo", to the discovery of the technical historians of fishing of the eel, you can reach Ravenna to discover the archaeological area of Classe and the outskirts, and even to end the day with a walk on the sunset in the Salt pan of Cervia.
The program of the events is in constant updating and is available on the web site or it is possible to ask information contacting the promoting corporate body.

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    From March 22 to June 23 2019 Spring returns Slow, a rich progra …

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